Giving Back

Giving Back

Giving Back To The Community

As an organisation, we believe that giving back is an essential element of being successful. Giving back to the community you live in and returning the favour to those who have helped you are strong motivators. Volunteering is one way we believe to show a sense of appreciation.

 This is why we at Mungo Sports have chosen to give a portion of our profits to We Are Happy Club a community group who help feed the homeless. Getting involved physically is all about being part of the foundation that increases success and by giving our time aswel as donations; we together can help provide the solution to the problem. You will see regular activity of Mungo Sports representatives volunteering on the streets around the UK giving out food parcels and helping the homeless. Like we said together we CAN, together we WILL and together we DO.

By giving back some profits to great causes like this we want our customers to feel good about themselves when purchasing our products, knowing they are also contributing to helping people who are less fortunate.



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