Spartan Race UK

Mungo Sports is a organisation that loves to get involved and help promote  great projects and people within communities. Mungo Sports recently sponsored Bhavesh Patel, (A solicitor at Irwin Mitchell) who participated in the Spartan Race UK. 

We asked him a few questions down below:

What made you get involved in the Spartan Race? 

I completed my first Spartan Race in 2015, receiving my first finishers’ medal was a great feeling, but more importantly, I developed my physical training, a mental mind set to conquer and achieve but more importantly an opportunity to raise awareness and funding for charities/social enterprises that are making changes all over the world.

What are the fantastic causes that you help raise money for?

After completing my first two Spartan events for We Are Happy Club (helping the homeless around the UK) and Yellow Submarine (helping those with learning disabilities and autism), I decided to complete my third, and final Spartan Race for the Hope Foundation

Tell us about the Hope Foundation?

The Hope foundation are based in the UK and Ireland and work with children in the Slums of India providing healthcare and education. Having researched the charity, I saw how they were not just donating but were highly engaged in the day to day changes being made in India.  

How did you prepare for the race and how did it help you?

I completed the Spartan race in just over one hour, and saw my time improve substantially from the last race. This was due to a number of reasons, namely, a far stricter diet and intense physical training, but most importantly, whilst taking part in the obstacles the comfort of my Mungo Sports vest allowed me to move freely and without restriction.

Any persons that you would like to thank?

Mungo Sports kindly sponsored my team for this event and provided a range of high quality clothing for us to wear on the day of the event. A huge thank you to the Mungo Team for supporting us and more importantly in supporting the great work being done by the Hope Foundation! A massive shout out to the spartan team and my friends and family who have supported me throughout this process.


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