Anthony Joshua: 5 Things We Love About Our Champ

Anthony Joshua: 5 Things We Love About Our Champ

On the 29th April 2017, we saw Anthony Joshua beat Wladimir Klitschko in the enthralling heavyweight title fight at Wembley. While some spectators questioned whether the fight would be too soon for Joshua, we’re so glad he went on to prove them all wrong. It was in the 11th round when the roaring crowd rose from their seats to salute and congratulate the British champ who fought his way to victory.

After such an epic fight which was televised in 140 countries, Joshua has been hailed the new heavyweight of the future. He has single-handedly breathed new life into the world of boxing and cemented his status as the division’s best competitor.

Even though Joshua has already answered many questions surrounding his ability, we’re going to share 5 things we love most about our favourite heavyweight boxer.

  1. The man got stamina

While there were some doubts about Joshua’s stamina leading up to his fight against Klitschko, no one can deny that he kept going and going till the very end. Even after he was knocked down in the earlier rounds, he recovered and increased his intensity to deliver what can only be described as some very impressive final blows. Rather than tire as he continued, Joshua showed the world that he has the stamina and endurance needed to get through a challenging fight.

  1. His feet are firmly on the ground

One of the things we really love about Joshua is that he remains so grounded. Even after defending his title in front of 90,000 fans at Wembley and making his name known worldwide, he stays his same humble self. He believes staying humble has more to do with how you treat people and that you should respect everyone regardless of age, race or status. Joshua actually still lives with his mum, Yeta in Golders Green, London, which he says is more up his street than living in a fancy city apartment.

  1. Joshua keeps his composure

You might be surprised to learn that having the ability to maintain composure is a great strength for any boxing champion. Boxers not only have to be physically prepared when in the ring but they also need mental strength to enable them to sense the right time to pursue a knockout. Joshua is a clear thinker, which is helped by his relaxed and calm nature. Rather than panic when he gets knocked down, he buys himself the time to recover by slowing down the action and pouncing at that crucial moment.

  1. He turned down some serious cash to turn pro in 2010

Believe it or not, Joshua could have started his career as a professional boxer in 2010. He was offered £50,000 for the privilege but rejected the big bucks to focus on living the Olympic dream. According to the man himself, he found it easy to turn down the cash because he got involved in the sport to win medals and not for money. However, Joshua eventually turned pro in 2013.  

  1. Chess is his other passion

Yes, that does say chess. In some ways, it’s very similar to boxing as you need to stay two steps ahead of your opponent and then, bam – go in with that killer move. It’s the same thing boxers do in the ring during a fight. Apparently, Lennox Lewis inspired Joshua to play chess after they had an encounter a few years back. He asked a friend to teach him the rules of the game and now believes it helps to reinforce his tactical abilities.

We think you’ll agree that there’s nothing not to love about Britain’s greatest heavyweight boxer of recent times. While we’ve got your attention, don’t forget to check out our latest active wear collections

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