7 Tips to stay motivated while training

7 Tips to stay motivated while training

Being motivated in the gym and towards your fitness goals can be draining at times especially when you have to fit it around your schedule. Here we have some tips that can help you find the motivation you need.

Find a partner

Training with a partner is certainly a way to keep you motivated. If you can find a partner who is as serious as you are about your fitness goals it will be a match made in heaven. Having a voice to egg you on when training is always the extra push needed when wanting to lift that extra rep or run that extra mile.

Create a playlist

If you haven’t already, go and create a workout playlist on your phone and put your favourite songs on there. Now I don’t mean your favourite love song that reminds you of your childhood sweetheart I mean tunes that are upbeat, motivating and that wants to make you go crazy when working out. Science and research has proved that listening to music while training can help increases of energy that will help you train longer and harder.

Change up routine

Changing up your routine from time to time will not hurt nobody, don’t make yourself bored constantly doing the same workouts. Research some new moves and switch it up a little. A new workout regime is certainly exciting and will keep your time in the gym fresh and motivating.

Reward yourself

Setting yourself rewards after completing a fitness goal is always a good way to help keep you motivated to work harder. By yourself a new top or pair of nice jeans to fit into will always give you that extra edge while working out to go even harder. It could even be something as simple as treating your-self to something nice to eat on the weekend.

Set goals and track progress

Setting fitness goals and tracking your progress is a key motivator while on your journey. Get a diary to note down things such as your current weight, what you want your target weight to be and set goals that you want to complete every month. Seeing that you are making progress week by week, month by month, year by year will help keep you motivated and will encourage you to strive for even better.

Watch motivational videos before working out

Watching motivational fitness workout videos will get you pumped and ready to absolutely smash your session. A good video will certainly bring out the lion or lioness in you, so give this a try before working out to have a good session.

New workout gear

New workout gear is always a motivator when starting your fitness journey. You will want to get them on soon as possible and go show them off to all your new gym associates. Looking the part in the gym is important and will give you great confidence throughout your workout so go treat yourself to some trendy active wear on our website www.mungosports.com.


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