Where Fitness Meets Style: Welcome to Mungo Sports

Q1: Who are Mungo Sports?

Mungo Sports is a sportswear brand that was launched in late 2016 by two young entrepreneurs from Birmingham/UK. The aim is to provide the market with not just amazing sportswear that helps with increasing performance levels for those that exercise but to design stylish pieces that you can look good in at the same time. Most importantly we aim to provide the best quality garments at affordable prices which is very important to us. This is not just a clothing company that sells garments, we aim to create a lifestyle that helps our customers become the best versions of themselves in every aspect, whether that’s through our performance gear or marketing campaigns, we want to provide the message to our audience that all dreams are possible if your willing to put in the work. With hard work there is no limits.

Q2: What makes Mungo sports unique?


We aim to set a culture of success. Our vision lies in every one of our products, we want to ensure that when you wear our garments you feel and look like a champion. We want our customer to wear our clothes with a mind-set and attitude of success. We aim to set this winning culture as a blueprint when participating in any of our business practices.

 Giving back

Giving back is a crucial part of our business philosophy. We have teamed up with local community groups to help provide solutions for the less fortunate. As we grow and get bigger our goals are to do this on a worldwide scale.

We also want to give back to our customers by providing them with exceptional customer experience through every interaction they have with us. Also providing our audience with useful informative and motivational content that can help them to become the best version they can is something we will continuously work towards.

 Q3: What will separate Mungo Sports from the competition?

We keep an eye on our competitors very closely, and as a new brand coming into the market our main focus is paying close detail to the quality of our products. We wont just put any old design that looks good on the market it has to be backed with the best materials and quality. While we focus on quality and details of our products we still make sure we provide competitive prices in the market.

Q4: What are the future plans for Mungo Sports?

We aim to be a leading fitness-clothing brand by providing stylish quality products. Expanding our collection is what we work on day in and day out. Our main aim is to combine what we already have which is style and quality with science and technology. We want to provide our customers with innovative products that can help the wearer with their performance while participating in physical activities and reduce the risks of injuries. Our team at Mungo Sports work extremely hard towards these goals everyday.